Artisan Honey of Thousand Flowers 'SIERRA DEL YUGO'

The artisan honey of a thousand flowers 'Sierra del Yugo' is made by bees from native swarms, in the surroundings of the Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve of the Bardenas Reales de Navarra. Extra quality.

Natural superfood, it is not only a source of vitamins and antioxidants, it also contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and regenerative properties. Improves digestion. It helps prevent and relieve stomach pain and also promotes intestinal transit after meals. Treat throat infection. Promotes sleep.

In addition to simple carbohydrates, it contains vitamins B1, B2, niacin, B6 and folic acid , which help the central nervous system function; also vitamin C in less proportion.

Honey contains important minerals for neuromuscular functioning, including potassium, sodium, magnesium , and to a lesser extent calcium and phosphorus . It is also a source of zinc that strengthens the body's defenses .

Best before: oct2024