Since we started this project, our commitment to sustainability has made us care about waste as much as the ingredients in our dishes.

La Caba├▒a Food Truck. Bardenas. Envases bio

We do not use petroleum-derived plastics or aluminum in our cutlery, containers and packaging. As an alternative we use materials such as corn starch, cellulose and sugar cane fiber.


Regarding the gastronomic offer, we want you to stay with this; our commitment to the producer and to the local product . We use local and/or organic products for our dishes.


Now we want to go further; compile a selection of products of different origin - art, crafts, gastronomy or simply merchandising - ' Made in Bardenas' and available whenever you feel like it. You will have them here , at bardenasmarket.com, the authentic and genuine 'Mercado de Bardenas' .

Start enjoying Bardenas Market!