Salty toast, with organic sourdough wholemeal bread

  • Toast with crushed tomato and ham €4.5 . It contains gluten.
  • Toast with bacon or ham and green pepper €4.5 . Gluten.
  • Toast with sheep cheese and olive oil €5 . Gluten and milk.
  • "Lacuarta" toast €5 - Creamy cow's cheese, fried onion, grilled serrano ham and green pepper. Contains gluten and milk.
  • "Latercera" toast €5.50 - Creamy goat cheese, fried onion, grilled chicken strips and green pepper. Gluten and milk.
  • "Jon" toast €6 - Garlic, olive oil, crushed natural tomato, serrano ham and "Piquillo" pepper. It contains gluten.